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 I have just about everything in the ground and in containers now.  This year's fruits & veggies include: strawberries, 4 different kinds of peas, butter lettuce, a whole mess of garlic and onions, tomatoes, green tomatillos, purple tomatillos, ground cherries, okra, chili peppers, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, blue Hubbard squash, buttercup squash, and butternut squash.  I have a couple more peppers and an okra to put outside when they're a little bigger, and I found the green bean seeds that I need to plant as well.  

All the peppers are in pots this year.  I haven't had great luck with them in the ground, but they seem to do fine in pots.  The master gardener at the Arlington garden club plant sale a couple weeks ago figured the peppers in the ground didn't get enough sunlight, and that the ones in pots probably benefitted from the warmer soil in pots.  Several other plants are in pots too, since I ran out of space in the garden.

So far, I've harvested one (small) head of lettuce.  The strawberries are blooming and forming fruit, but I'd guess it'll be another week or so before the first ones are ripe.  Some of the pea plants are starting to bloom, so harvest time for them won't start for another couple weeks.

Pictures soon, maybe Sunday.


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