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Garlic scapes from my garden!

Garlic Scapes!

Scapes are the blossom end of the garlic, before the blossom actually blooms. If you cut them off, the garlic plant focuses its growing energy to enlarging the bulb. Plus, the scapes are tasty, so there's no waste involved with the pruning! I think I will put them into stir-fry for dinner tonight.

I've picked several handfuls of snow peas and sugar snap peas over the past couple weeks, and I also picked one ripe strawberry a couple days ago (the stupid squirrels got the first one. Grrr....). Next up might be some poblano peppers and some ground cherries. Oh, and black raspberries are starting to ripen, so I've picked some from the back yard, and need to go investigating nearby parks to see if any of them have berries too.

I planted some green beans this evening; I've never grown regular beans before, so I'm hoping they'll grow well. I also put three small basil plants in the ground. Most everything else is doing well; it's been warm and sunny for the past couple days, and the weather's going to be similar for the next few days at least. Yay! We had a bunch of rain last week, and one of my okra plants got waterlogged, my first casualty of the season.

But enough about the garden, it's time to talk about jam! The canning season has started; I went to a farm in Chelmsford, MA for PYO strawberries on Tuesday and came home with about 6 lbs. of strawberries mostly destined for jam. I made some strawberry-rhubarb jam yesterday, and am in the middle of strawberry jam (it's a 3-day recipe: macerate the first day, simmer the next, and finally make and can on the third day). At least one of these jams, and maybe both, will be entered in a couple of the in-state agricultural fairs. I've still got a quart of berries left, and I think I need to make some strawberry shortcake soon.

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