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 The garden harvest continues!  Some of the hot peppers are ripening, and the zucchini's producing as well.  The first ground cherries are ripening, and fruit has set on all the tomatillos as well (a month earlier than in past years!).  I think the garlic is close to being ready too.  (Other Boston gardeners with garlic, is it time to dig it up now, or do I need to wait longer?  I planted it last fall.)  The tomatoes are coming along, but it looks like several weeks before anything's ripe; I didn't grow cherry tomatoes this year, so no early tomatoes for me.  The winter squashes are vining everywhere, and the Mystery Squash in front has white flowers and might actually be a birdhouse gourd.  No fruit on it yet, but the flowers sure are pretty!  Oh, and the okra has been loving the hot weather we've been having the past few weeks.  The proto-okra pods that have formed have usually died after the flower blooms, but there are a couple out there that might  be getting past that initial stage.

Woo, garden shots!

Hot peppers

Clockwise from top, poblanos, Hungarian wax, zucchini, Cubanelles.  The Hungarian & Cubanelles are a lot smaller than usual size; these are the first peppers off the plant, and the ones still growing do seem to be reaching their expected size.  Other peppers out in the garden include anchos, jalapeños, and maybe some cayenne and/or Anaheim chilis (from a hot pepper seed mix).  I expect to roast some of the hot peppers and dehydrate others in the coming weeks.

A real zucchini.  It was delicious:


And the cute butternut squash!  It's maybe 5 inches long now.  I've never grown winter squash before, so this is exciting; I hope it will keep getting bigger.  I think this is the only one on the plant so far.  I'm feeding it with tomato food, so I hope it is getting enough nutrients.  

Tiny butternut squash

The buttercup squash in front has a couple flowers that look like they'll produce fruit.  I haven't yet seen female flowers on either the blue Hubbard squash or the gourd, but they are flowering.  

I'll try to get some shots of the gourd flowers and the tomatillos soon.

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[personal profile] deborah harvested a lot (all?) of our garlic the other day.
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