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The Mystery Gourd is a Speckled Swan Gourd, and will look something like the ones pictured here. There are some proto-gourds growing on the vine now, so I was able to identify them by appearance (pictures below the cut). And although I didn't plant the seed, it did originate here. I'd bought a swan gourd a couple years ago, and when it started to rot I chucked it in the compost bin. (At least) One of the seeds remained viable and made it into the screened compost I put on the veg bed in March, and the resultant vine is now going crazy. I hope I'll get at least one gourd from the plant!

Other garden stuff is coming along pretty well. I've had to be diligent about watering for the past couple weeks since it's been so hot here, and since we've gotten so little rain. We're supposed to get thunderstorms on Wednesday and cooler temps coming in Thursday, so that should be good for everything.

First up is the gourd flower. I told you it was pretty!

Swan Gourd Blossom

And a shot of a couple tiny gourds:

Proto-Swan Gourds

I found a tiny Blue Hubbard Squash growing today. These things can get to be a foot in diameter!

Tiny Blue Hubbard Squashling

A buttercup squash. There are at least two growing on the plant so far:

Tiny buttercup squash

Ground Cherries:

Ground Cherries

And tomatillos in various stages of readiness:



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