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 Huh, I haven't posted in a while.  Since the last post, I've harvested a whole lot from the garden; canned even more jam, jelly, pickles, salsa, and applesauce; pressure-canned tomatoes with [personal profile] okrablossom, entered things at the Big E in West Springfield and the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, and gotten things back from the Big E.  Whew!

At the Big E, I entered peach jam, blackberry jam, gooseberry jam, sweet pickles, bread & butter pickles, and applesauce in the canning divisions.  I also entered a temari ball and a framed cross-stitch dragon in the needlework division.  I got a third place ribbon for the sweet pickles and second place ribbons for everything else.  Not too shabby!  Pictures will be under the cut.

The Topsfield Fair is under way, so I don't yet have a list of all the ribbons I've won.  I remember seeing first place ribbons on my applesauce and black raspberry jelly, and several seconds, thirds, and honorable mentions on other things I entered too.  The fair closes on Monday, so I'll have everything back on Tuesday and will have a full listing of my entries and prizes.  I entered the Saturday baking contest with quick bread, cake, and dessert bars, but I didn't place in any of those; that was disappointing, as I thought I'd done a pretty good job with the baked goods.  I guess they just weren't to the judges' tastes this year.  Oh well.  I'm entering the King Arthur Flour scone competition on Thursday night, and maybe also the Apple Pie competition on Friday.  Wish me luck!

Here are some pictures from the Big E.

Dragon cross-stitch:

Dragon cross-stitch  and  Dragon on the wall


Temari Ball



Pickles (sweet and bread & butter):

 and Bread and Butter pickles

Jams (only blackberry and gooseberry; I forgot to snap a picture of the peach jam!):

Blackberry Jam and Gooseberry Jam
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